Floor Waste Arrestor Drain Grate 150mm Round


MAS Round Floor Waste Arrestor 150mm diameter is a grated inlet used to drain floor surfaces to prevent water pooling.

These drain grates are placed in specific collection drainage point areas such as bathrooms, indoor wash areas, outdoor wash areas, or anywhere water is likely to accumulate.

Designed to drain wash water and other liquid wastes from the area and carry it away through pipes or ditches for disposal.

This grate is intended for use in commercial and industrial environments where hygiene, safety and performance requirements are paramount.

Commercial 150mm round floor waste arrestor grate.
Material: Heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel.
Lift out basket and full height secondary strainer.
Suits: 100mm DWV or 110 HDPE.

Basket only code FG100VBR.

FG100R Specification

Other recommended waste arrestor grates:

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