Commercial Dishwasher Rack with Adjustable Feet


MAS Commercial dishwasher rack is economical and easy to install.

Includes 4 pairs of adjustable tray slides, which can be set for multiple height size.

Constructed from 304 grade heavy duty stainless steel with adjustable feet to ensure stability and strength.

Utilized for commercial kitchens, hospitality venues, pubs, and clubs to easily store kitchenware and utensils safely away from busy staff traffic areas.

MAS commercial dishwasher rack is a great space saving product as it is easily expandable and adjustable for your specific business needs.

Additional MAS products to suit the Dishwasher Rack:

GRTRA-DW – Dishwasher rack drip tray – also suitable for Dishwasher rack add on bay.
GRSLI-DW   РAdditional tray slides pair Рalso suitable for Dishwasher rack add on bay.
GRSMT – Tray slides 1-metre-long pair.
GRNOT – Notched channel 1 metre long single.

Accessory to add on to this product:
GRADD-DW Dishwasher rack add-on bay.

Code: GRACK-DW Stainless Steel Dishwasher Rack with Adjustable Feet.
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