The DriSeal is used to protect your benchtop from water damage by creating a barrier to spills and leaks around the tap.

It is an affordable & practical way to protect your benchtop surface from water damage.

Suitable for most mixer brands

Durable chrome plated brass

Highly recommend for laminate benchtops

Available in round or square


1. Select the DriSeal model that best suits your mixer design. Ensure your tapware will fit inside the 38mm diameter of the DriSeal before altering the benchtop.

2. For bench thicknesses less than 36mm, cut the base section to the required height leaving an overlap greater than 3.5mm with the top section. Bench thickness max 50mm/ min 18mm

3. Select a suitable position and drill the correct size hole into the benchtop. A 44mm hole saw is recommended

4. Insert both the base and top sections into the hole, ensuring that the O-ring is sitting in the groove under the top section.

5. Remove the dress ring from the selected tapware, the DriSeal will become the new dress ring.

6. Install your tapware as per normal practice. The clamping action of the installed tapware will secure all DriSeal components.

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