Urinal 3-Tier Sparge Spreader System


MAS 3-TIER spreader system is a retro fitting for updating existing slab urinals and a cheaper alternative to replacing a whole unit.

The product code for this COMPLETE system is: 3-TIER
3 x CL20 safety pipe clips recommended.

*Please note if you need individual part codes for specific product ordering see below:

1.   SP1 urinal spreader – 3 required.
2.   SPELB elbow – 2 required.
3.   SPCROSS – 1 required.
4.   SP2S – straight 1000 x 20mm – 3 required.
5.   SP2 offset 1000 x 20mm – 1 required.
6.   AD3 adaptor 40 x 20mm – 1 required.
7.   CN4 pull chain cistern – 1 required.

Other MAS sparge spreader sizing available: 

2-Tier urinal spreader system.2-Tier sparge spreader system

Urinal 4-tier sparge spreader4-Tier sparge spreader system

Code: 3-TIER Urinal 2-Tier Sparge Spreader System.
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