Stainless Steel Adjustable Pin Foot


MAS Adjustable Stainless Steel Pin Foot.

Provides up to 90mm of adjustment and creates stability and strength.

Constructed of 304 heavy duty stainless steel.

Featuring a M16 thread with a 100mm long stem.

Compatible with our MAS Glass Rack and MAS Dishwasher Rack.

Easy to install
2. Height adjustable.
3. Stops movement on uneven floor surfaces and reduces vibration.
4. Used for MAS Glass Racks and Dishwasher racks for strength and stability.

Other MAS foot sizing:

50mm stainless steel disc foot. Disc foot 50mm

Stainless steel 68mm disc feet.Disc foot 68mm

Code: FEE16PIN Adjustable Stainless Steel Pin Foot Floor Insert.
MAS quality stainless steel plumbing supplies.