Stainless Steel Drainer Tray for Swordfish Kitchen Sink


MAS Stainless Steel drainer tray for our Swordfish kitchen Sink Series.

This tray is ideal to place next to your sink and used as a dish drainer. The water will conveniently run off into your sink.

Or the tray can be placed over one side of a double sink as a drainer while using the other sink as a single bowl.

Suitable for all sinks with a flush sink fitting of 397mm x 347mm.

Overall size of 425mm x 375mm.

Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel.

PDF image Specifications.

 Suitable for these MAS products:

Swordfish double sink 26x26 Litre.Swordfish kitchen sink series


Code: SW76T Stainless Steel Drainer Tray for Swordfish Sink Series.
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