Weld Wire 1.6mm x 1000mm 316 Stainless Steel


MAS 1.6mm Weld Wire constructed from premium 316 grade stainless steel weld infill wire.

Measuring 1.6mm diameter x 1000mm length rods.

Good usability with high efficiency and less spattering.

Industrial quality and low carbon rod for welding stainless steels.

Welding wire should be stored in a cool, dry place as it needs to be protected from moisture and excessive heat.

*Packaged and delivered in a 5kg box.

MAS Weld wire is suitable for these MAS products:

Weld in ice well small 300 x 300 x 200mm.Weld in Ice Well

Drop in ice well stainless steel with flange size small.Drop in Ice Well

Hand fabricated bowl 85 litres.Hand fabricated bowl

Alternative sizing:

Weld wire 1.0 stainless steel Weld wire 1.0mm