Stainless Steel Cistern Case Only with Set Holes


MAS cistern case only with set holes.

Featuring a fully welded, heavy-duty 304 grade stainless-steel cistern case.

Ensuring durability, strength and reliability to last for many years ahead even in heavy usage environments.

Inlet and Outlet holes can be requested when ordering for your convenience.

Suitable for use in schools, shopping centres, public toilets, pubs, clubs, entertainment venues, factories and similar.

MAS products to suit this cistern:

Wall hung urinal trough 1200mm length.MAS urinal troughs

Urinal sparge adaptors and nuts.     Sparge nuts & adapters

Clip for sparge pipe.Urinal Clips

Urinal sparge pipe.      Sparge pipes

Urinal cistern stainless steel case only.       Case only without holes