Tundish In Wall – Long Body Stainless Steel



Our MAS In-Wall Tundish with long body has a windowed face and features a self-draining tapered body.

The new MAS TD3XL has an extended front to ensure it clears double thick or tiled walls up to a maximum thickness of 37mm.

Our tundish prevents any sort of cross contamination between an overflow pipe and a drainpipe.

Serving as an air gap and providing a visible window into the overflow system.

Without the tundish in place, you would not be able to see any water flowing from the pressure relief valve to the overflow drain.

Installing a tundish can save plumbers time and reduce the risk of water damage or safety hazards for end users.

Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel with a brushed finish-anti-corrosion surface.

Material: 304 grade stainless steel.
Material thickness: 1.2mm.
In wall stud fixed.
Inlet size: (3 hole) 25 x 35 x 25mm.
Outlet size: 40mm BSP male thread.

PDF imageTD3XL Specification

PDF image TD3XL Instructions A4



Other MAS Tundish face plates available:

In wall tundish with blank face.Tundish with blank face panel

Tundish in wall with white face window.Tundish with white window face 

In wall tundish with white blank face.Tundish with white blank face