SSBW3 Scrap Catch Sink Waste Arrestor


MAS Newest product to our scrap catch seriesĀ  * ETA availability MAY 2024 *

Sink Waste Arrestor Scrap Catch

3mm Primary and secondary strainer holes.

The function of this sink waste arrestor is to filter kitchen food scraps and waste passing from your kitchen sink to the pipe work below.

Solid food particles will collect inside the inner catch basket, then easily lift the basket out to empty the solids into a waste bin.

This eliminates the build up of food waste around your plumbing pipes with unnecessary and expensive blockages.

This product is ideal for commercial kitchens or can be used domestically for your dream kitchen.



Outlet: 50mm BSP.
Fits: any standard 90mm sink outlet hole.
Lift out basket and fixed secondary strainer with 3mm holes.
Material: 304 grade stainless steel inner construction.