Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Drainage Grates Solutions

WWS100, WWS100-316, WWS200, WWS200-316, WWS200D, WWS300

MAS range of Wedge Wire Drainage Grates are ideal for wash down areas, screening and drainage areas.

Also suitable for a range of commercial applications bars, hotels, bathroom drain applications and restaurants.

A clean, minimal modern look made with heavy duty stainless steel to optimize strength and versatility.

Available in 304 grade wedge wire and 316 grade stainless wedge wire.

Available in convenient sheet sizing for easy transportation

Top profile runs 1210mm and the support bars underneath run 1050mm

Reduce slip WWS200D is available for those applications that require a slip rating.  Please see below for our current slip rating for WWS200D.

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Specification  

WWS200D    P Rating Slip Resistance test report.
*Reduced slip WWS200D is multi directional tested for a true safety result.
WWS200D    R Rating Slip Resistance test report.

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