Cistern Front Press Dual Flush Stainless Steel


MAS Stainless Steel Dual Flush Cistern is an environmentally friendly option.

This dual flush front press button cistern gives the choice of a half flush or a full flush.

Which helps control the amount of water usage per press.

The casing is manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel providing a heavy-duty option.

This cistern is ideal for installation in vandal prone areas and high traffic areas.

Water capacity: 6 Litre full / 3 Litre half flush.
Inlet: LH side – reversible 15mm bsp.
Outlet: 50mm bsp.
Material: Stainless steel single unit.

Spare parts available
Inlet valve    CNZ1.
Outlet valve CNZ4.

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Code: CN2 Cistern Front Press Dual Flush Stainless Steel.
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