Adjustable Glass Rack for Commercial Kitchen


MAS Adjustable Glass Rack for Commercial Kitchen.

Easy to install and includes 4 pairs of adjustable stainless steel tray slides. Which can be set for multiple height width.

Adjustable stainless-steel disc feet assist with the height and stability of your commercial glass rack.

Ideal for storing glassware safely, especially after rinsing, cleaning or before placing into a dishwasher.

Constructed from industrial-strength stainless steel for heavy duty commercial kitchen use.

Suitable for pubs, clubs, hospitality venues, restaurants, sporting arenas and similar.


  • Stainless steel fixings with flat bar supports.
  • Notched channel welded to frame.
  • Complete with disc feet and inserts for stability and height modification.
  • Comes flat packed for easy transportation.

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Additional MAS products to suit the Dishwasher Rack:

GRTRA – Dishwasher rack drip tray – also suitable for Glass rack add on bay.
GRSLI   – Additional tray slides pair – also suitable for Glass rack add on bay.
GRSMT – Tray slides 1 metre long pair.
GRNOT – Notched channel 1 metre long single.

Accessory to add on to this product:
GRADD Glass rack add-on bay.


Code: GRACK Stainless Steel Undercounter Dishwasher Rack with Feet.
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