Complete Stainless Steel Urinal System Set Up 1500mm


MAS Stainless Steel Urinal Trough 1500mm Complete Set up.

Convenient all-in-one urinal trough system to make ordering easier.

No need to worry about multiple parts and codes to order a complete set up.

Just the one code: UR5COM.

Included in this set up:
1 x Water spreader to suit.
SP4 domed urinal grate (50mm BSP).
AD9A 40mm sparge nut for top of urinal.
SP5A 40mm Flush pipe, 750mm long.
CN4 Pull-chain cistern.
CL40 Flush pipe safety clip.
UR5 1500mm Multi Stall Urinal Trough.

PDF button.  UR5-COM-Specifications.

PDF button.  Pull chain cistern-specifications.

PDF button.  1500mm Urinal-specifications.

Parts Include

UR5, CN4, SP5A, CL40, SP4